July 21

This is our last week of work. After this week, I will begin my internship at City Hall in East St. Louis. Hopefully, I like the experience.


Today we got to taste the peppers we pickled. The were exactly ally kinda good. .earning how to pickle things is nice thing to learn how to do . You can almost pickle anything!!

Agriscience weekdays

Today we tried out the peppers we pickled they were good cant wait for next week.

Team building

YES | Agriscience
07/14/2014 - 7:22am
Today in agriscience we did a few team building activities. My favorite was the one I did with four of my peers that involved making a chair out of plain white paper and tape that could hold up an entire person for 30 secs. This was tricky but funny and fun. I love working in teams. I like to see all the creative thoughts of my peers and I come to life : )


Science is awesome! The science center making learning about it fun, being a yes teen is great! We teach kids valuable lessons that could be boring but make if fun for them to easily learn while enjoying their time with us. The field trips are amazing , we have been to plenty wild life areas learning about ecology which I take a huge interest in.

This Week In Ecology nd Taylor Habits

Today we are finishing the rest of the touch ups with our tilapia breeding tank

Saint Louis Box Turtle Project:Tyson Research

On Thursday, July 11th, me and my component went to Tyson Research Center in Eureka Missouri. We joined the TURFers in the Turtle Group and helped them with tracking. I personally choose not to join my group and the Turtle team when they went turtle tracking because I am terrified of ticks but if there were no ticks, I definitely would have. It looked like such a great experience and what I heard from the rest of my component confirmed that. Maybe next time...