Wash U Peer Leadership and Ecology

Last week we were preparing for the Summer time science group by coming up with lesson plans and fun activities for the younger groups. And on Thursday me and a few other YES teens attended a college ready course for a college summit class for our senior year. The experience was amazing because the college coaches helped us find suitable colleges for our major and/or minor in whatever career of our choosing and mostly helped us review our personal statements for college.

This is Alexys Wright

Today I learned some new things on why plants are green.we also enjoyed watering our plants and watching them grow healthy and strong

My morning

What we did today was we had to find so experiment for the kid that we thought where interesting and that the kids would like. We also had to water are plants today and it some stickes inside if the pants that really all we did this morning.

Something new

Today we were asked to come up with more activities that the groups of kids who come to our program could do. My group tried focusing on more engaging activities that were more hands -ons and interesting for children of all ages. We don't want any child to leave the Taylor building bored or feeling like they haven't learned anything. So far this summer based off of the feedback we get that hasn't been a problem which means that we are doing our job correctly : )

June 30th

Today we came up with teaching activities. A few of them seemed interesting and fun. I really hope that the kids will enjoy them. Before we can do the activities we have to request our materials. We will probably get our materials in a week or two, however I hope we get them before then because the kids found our previous activities boring.


Today my group and I came up with 2 activities for the kids they seem pretty fun

Ecology & Taylor Habitat

This week, we have been very busy getting ready for the camera crew today for HGTV. We have been preparing and finishing our wall garden, planting the Hydroponics and Aeroponics system, an labeling the Animal Habitats.