Ecology & Taylor Habitat

This week, we have been very busy getting ready for the camera crew today for HGTV. We have been preparing and finishing our wall garden, planting the Hydroponics and Aeroponics system, an labeling the Animal Habitats.

Ecology update

YES | Ecology
Hello everyone, Last week the Ecology and Taylor Habitat we explored the Missouri River and also Columbia bottom. It was amazing experience to explore and learn about the history and wildlife that lives out there such as snakes and many more.

exploring outdoors(SIFT program)

Last week at the Shaw Nature Reserve, we went out in to the real world and saw how the environment around us affects how we live. We also learned how to use compass to go from one place to another. Similarly, being a scientist also means learning the techniques of sketching things that are permanently stable and things that move. We learned to visualize the objects in our mind of the objects that will move and sketch it with what we already visualized. Aquatics day for us was going to the lakes and creeks and testing the PH level of water, how much Nitrate and Phosphate is in the water, how much dissolved oxygen is in the water, and whether it is healthy in genral or not. We also catched the living factors that reside in the water and intentified them. We also learned to identify different kinds of ants and how they are attracted to different kinds of food.

McCormack House

YES | Agriscience
Today was a fun day. We went and met people that I never knew before. I got to know a lot of things about them. They where very interesting I got to know different things about what they been through in the past. They told me what they remembered about things that went world wide like JFK and MLK. They told me what they was foing and how they felt when they found out he died. I learned the difference between a icebox and a fridge. I also talked to this lady that can't see. She told me how it happened and how it changed her life. I also met with this man that was in the army he told me about his experience there. I enjoyed my visit at McCormack house and I wouldn't mind going there again.

A step into the past

YES | Agriscience
Today we went across the street to McCormack and interview the resident. We asked them question about there up bring We asked question like what was the price of fruit and veggies,did they have homecooked meal, and did they have both parents in pictures or just one. Most said they didnt remember the price of the fruit and vegetables back then. one women said that the movies used to be 50 cent.

The science corner

YES | Agriscience
Today me and a partner had to interview someone. During this interview I learned lots about how people back in the day lived and how it was different from today. One of the guys i interviewed used to farm and he told me lots of story's thing he would grow. One thing I learned was growing up on a farm teaches you how to be responsible

My blog

Today we went to the McCormack house. We also talk to some older adults about nature. Most of them said it was better in the old day's. I seem to agree with them about that with prices today they are so high.