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Today we made potatoes, carrots, and broccoli with cheese, it was good. And we also dissected a frog, it was nasty.

Agri science

Today was ok we made baked potatoes and stuff. We dissected a baby pig it was nasty and sad :(


Today was a cool day we ate today , we ate vegetables and we had fun today ,,, now time for the holiday !!

summer in Agriscience


Well, the Agriscience teens have been working for three weeks now.  It's been a jam-packed 3 weeks.  We have a healthy cooking class every Wednesday morning, we have been doing projects with Science Corner, and we have been learning about our food system and what's in our food.  It's been very eye-opening.  Here's pics:

 drawing a treeplanting seedsmaking pretzels in cooking class

first entery


so today is the day were all my hard work is going to finally pay off cause todays payday.Also we picked roles and jobs for every body.



today was a nice little day or whatever. :)

Bad day.

I had a bad day. some people was getting on my nerves .